Creative Consulting to Build Your Brand

Creative consulting
Your business is more than just its products or services. Your business is your passion, achievements, and goals—which are often the cornerstones of your brand. If a passerby asked you about your business, you would probably tell them what you do, where you are located, how long you have been in business, and some awards that you have one. Now what if the same person asked you about your brand?

What is a brand? A brand is the total package of your business from its mission and values to its logo and marketing. Elements of your brand may grow overtime as your business matures and finds it niche. Say you start a yoga studio and after two years decide to start offering massage therapy too. And five years later, you have two locations that specialize in yoga and massage therapy, but are known for your therapeutic workshops for senior citizens who are recovering from surgery. With this specialization, your business model has evolved and should correlate to the growth of your brand.


How can creative consulting help build your brand?

Creative consulting can ensure that your brand is clearly defined and its style guide is appropriately applied across all your marketing. From the design and use of your logo, to the messaging and layout of your content, to the planning of campaigns and promotions, creative consulting uses a comprehensive analysis to identify strengths and improve core areas.

Using the yoga studio example, creative consulting would help your brand adapt to highlight the key services that define your business. At Five Grey, our creative consultation would start with identifying the marketing channels or assets that need updating. For example, if the yoga studio has a website featuring mostly intensive yoga content like fusion workouts and super fit, younger adults doing yoga. The creative recommendation would be to revise the content to prominently highlight the senior workshops and surgical rehabilitation. Consideration for usability and marketability to the older population could include different fonts or colors that are more readable, larger text sizes, and updated imagery showing active seniors. The brand point of view (POV) and messaging might be changed to speak more to the recovery mindset and emphasize returning to mobility. Promotional and communication strategies would be developed that showcase the workshops and market the service to the target attendees. Lastly, the creative consultant could suggest integrating e-commerce and online scheduling so that a caregiver or adult child could easily plan and pay for services.

An effective brand is more than just marketing and promoting your business. Building strong brand standards streamlines your planning process and provides clear direction for your print and online content. Creative consulting looks at the big picture to ensure consistency and success across all your marketing endeavors.

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