Developer For Hire

Code on command

As your business evolves and incorporates new technologies, both for marketing and for operations, you may benefit from having ready access to a professionally trained developer for hire. Say you want to upgrade your ePOS system to better track sales, inventory, and shipping—or maybe you want to develop an app to integrate appointments and payments to streamline operations for both customers and employees. Whether it’s the implementation of new software, development of a custom app, or expansion of existing digital properties, a developer can save you time and money while delivering a fully functional, customized code.

Our Developer For Hire Service

Five Grey provides our clients with developers for both short term and long term projects. We have a team of independent consultants who can be available in a few days’ notice to start work on your specific project. Our developers have a variety of skillsets and flexible working hours, providing both the technical knowledge and professional services of a full-time employee. Developer staffing allows us to bridge the gap between our client and the developer—freeing up your time to run your business. We will staff the developer, manage the project objectives and timelines, and facilitate invoicing so that you don’t have to.


  • Access to a team of professionals with a wide range of development skills and experience
  • Direct reporting streamlines management, increases efficiency, and saves time
  • Expertly developed software, programs, and applications that will enhance your business’ marketing and operations