Marketing Strategy

Custom strategic recommendations

Five Grey provides our clients with custom brand and online marketing strategy that supports and grows their business. We start by taking the time to learn your brand, products, and services. Our initial consultation reviews your current brand and marketing strategy and identifies opportunities for creative expansion. Five Grey treats your business as our business and uses a result-oriented approach to develop campaigns and promotions. Marketing strategy is more than a well designed website and high-quality printed materials—it is a holistic plan to achieve brand and business goals.

Creative Consultation

Our creative consultation begins with a thorough review of your current marketing and brand strategy. From your website to your branded promotions, we take a consumer-centric approach to truly understand how your acquire and retain customers. Our discussion takes in a historic overview of successful campaigns and a forward thinking roadmap of your professional and business goals. Knowing your brand and business enables us to develop thoughtful marketing campaigns and promotions that exceed expectations.


  • Targeted, effective campaigns that drive consumer response
  • Realistic marketing plans that can be easily executed
  • Data-based analysis to pinpoint areas for improvement and growth

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Knowledge grounded in your business’ specific metrics and industry best practices generates custom solutions for your brand strategy.

We review your website for both user experience and digital performance. Our expert analysis includes site architecture, content, imagery, navigation, and user interface (UI). Five Grey also conducts natural search audits to determine search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. Our team looks beyond your website and reviews your social media profiles, marketing, and engagement. Your digital presence is more than just your website—it is your entire online experience.


  • Insightful and measurable understanding of website performance
  • Meaningful metrics to support additional strategies and campaigns
  • Individual review of your complete digital identity

Competitive Analysis

We use competitive analysis to ensure we fully understand your brand, your industry, and the most effective marketing and strategies. Our findings help us to inform and differentiate your business, while ensuring that what we plan and design is on target and unique. Five Grey uses competitive analysis to ensure that your marketing and brand strategy delivers results.


  • Practical knowledge of your industry and its competitors
  • Identifies both successful actions to implement and mistakes to avoid
  • Ensures brand and content differentiation

Information Architecture (IA)

Following our creative consultation, digital marketing analysis, and competitive analysis, we begin our IA development. We prioritize key messaging, content hierarchy, consumer experience, features, business functions etc. Your custom IA serves to build a website structure that is easily navigable and intuitive.

Sitemaps are generally the first output and become the foundation for your website design and development. Your sitemap guides wireframing and prototyping to produce a series of creative concepts and strategies. Five Grey will present you with a variety of options that meet your brand’s strategic goals and support future marketing initiatives.