SEO (Optimization)

Result-oriented iterative improvements

After your site is launched, Five Grey focuses on its performance and ongoing ability to succeed in terms of search visibility, functionality, and digital relevance. SEO is more than just changing some images or adding a few new pages. By measuring results, activity, and engagement, Five Grey develops optimization plans that support the continued evolution of the site over a sustained period of time.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Once a site is built, it is critical to measure its performance and to determine optimizations that will improve site visitor conversion and engagement. CRO is a technique that allows us to identify specific user behavior and tasks, and then make adjustments to key steps in a process. We routinely perform tests that split users into separate groups—group A (the control group) may be given an existing set of content or functionality and another group (the test group) will be presented with a new and improved variant. We can then track and measure whether the changes improve or hinder a user’s interaction with the site by analyzing sign ups and engagement with the variant. If the variant increases conversion, we release that winning experience to the live site and monitor the results.


  • Creates an easy to follow process to guide understanding and tweaking a website over time
  • Measurable and insightful
  • Avoids assumptions and provides actual data based on user feedback on site improvements and engagement

User Testing

How can you determine whether a site will perform as intended and be effective at conversion? Or, if a site is already built, whether users are finding the content or functionality that they are looking for? Are there any pain points or blockers in the experience?

User testing enables us to watch how users interact with a prototype or live site and to follow them through specific actions or general exploration. We can record their screen activity, watch where they look on screen first, and listen to their comments, feedback and first impressions. Testing can be as thorough and in depth as time and budget allow, and often reveals highly insightful and essential feedback. These insights allow us to inform the planning process of a website and to save significant development or design costs further down the line.


  • Avoids assumptions and grounds decisions in actual feedback
  • Ensures understanding of user’s paths and engagement within the site
  • Identifies pain points and blockers early on in a site’s planning stages

SEO (Optimization)

Your website can only be effective at sharing your brand and marketing your business if customers can find it. Natural search or when a user finds your website through an online search engine, such as Google or Bing, is often the leading driver of traffic to your website. Five Grey builds websites with search engine optimization or SEO as a core principle of all components from page names to sitemaps.

All our sites include a complete set of CMS tools that allow us to optimize both the content and the code to increase search engine results and rankings. Five Grey websites also come with Google Analytics so that performance can be tracked.

We provide an initial SEO strategy, where we can perform site audits, keyword analysis and reports on the most appropriate action to take. And, we can provide ongoing services where we enhance the site, its content, and search engine performance over time.


  • All sites have built in SEO tools and come with Google Analytics installed
  • We can provide SEO strategies and recommendations
  • Ongoing SEO services including content writing and reporting