Social Media Marketing

Conversational digital marketing

Five Grey understands that your digital marketing extends beyond an engaging, functional website. True digital marketing is multi-channel and includes social media marketing, email campaigns, paid advertising, etc. as key opportunities to attract new customers. Our team includes social media marketing experts that manage your platforms, profiles, content, and overall brand strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing begins by defining your business goals and brand identity within the social space. Knowing what you hope to achieve—whether it’s increased brand exposure or customer conversion—defines the strategy and marketing. Your objectives will influence what platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., to utilize and how to market your brand across those networks. Five Grey will both optimize existing social media profiles and create new ones to support your social media strategy.

Our monthly social media marketing program includes customizable content and optimization features. We work with our clients to develop a posting frequency and content strategy that aligns with your brand and current campaigns and promotions. We also integrate your website blogs into your social media to increase site traffic and brand engagement—supporting comprehensive digital marketing. Five Grey utilizes social media management software that allows both our team and our clients to schedule and send posts across a variety of networks, streamlining your marketing processes and allowing internal account management.


  • Dedicated social media experts to guide strategy and marketing campaigns
  • Development of brand identity and social media profiles and positioning to support business objectives
  • Customized content and execution, as well as training on social media best practices