UI Design

User-focused, intuitive design

UI design or the user interface of your website should be so intuitive and seamless that you hardly notice it. Think about websites that you love to browse, and those that you cannot stand—the difference is the UI design. A well-designed and flawlessly executed UI can be the single determining factor whether a prospect leaves your site or becomes a new customer.

At Five Grey, we use the below processes and tools to help us explore, discover and collaborate with our clients—enabling us to effectively craft each project into a unique and engaging digital experience.


Once we have created your website’s IA and sitemap, we start to focus on the layout and functional experience by developing a series of wireframes. Wireframes allow us to look more closely at the elements that a user will see on the screen: content, navigation, calls to action, interactive features etc.

Wireframes help to identify content and feature priorities:

  • What is the first content that a user needs to see when landing on your website?
  • What do we know about this user’s objectives and desires?
  • Are they a new prospect or an existing customer? Do we need to develop dual, collaborative experiences that meet both expectations?

Wireframes are the documents that we produce from this process. They can be static or interactive sketches that demonstrate the content, features and navigation on your website and pages. They also become the blueprint for designers, developers, content writers, and SEO teams, providing the outline of the page’s purpose and components.

Digital Brand Identity

Whether your brand is creating its digital identity or revamping its existing online presence, Five Grey works to develop a cohesive brand image and marketing strategy.

Your digital brand identity addresses your website, social media, email campaigns etc. The average consumer will interact with at least two digital channels, such as your website and social media, when researching or purchasing a product or service. A well-defined digital identity will make your business stand out amongst competitors.

Key considerations include:

  • Website content, design, and brand strategy
  • Logos, profile images, cover photos etc.
  • Social media pages, content, and posts
  • Integration of apps, social media, etc.

We explore these considerations and more in our digital brand development, assessing the technical implementation and emotional and visual impacts in your online presence.

UI Design

Page layouts are final product of our IA, wireframes, and digital brand identity development. By combining selected wireframes, draft content, and integrated online assets, we develop a series of layouts to define the project’s look and feel. These layouts become the user interface of your website or digital project. They tell your brand’s story to the user during the online research, refinement, and conversion process. Five Grey’s UI strives to enhance your digital brand identity and encourage customer conversion, while supporting business and marketing goals.