Web Development

Functional code that powers innovation

Development is the pivotal component of your website and digital marketing. Think about your site like a new home—a picture-perfect design and high-end finishes make the house look great, but if the electrical and plumbing don’t work, you wouldn’t buy the house. Similar to your branding and marketing, web development requires its own strategy, planning and build stages. The code needs to thoughtful developed and professionally executed to deliver a seamless user experience. Code development requires technical knowledge, practical expertise, sustainable practices, and adaptability to future states and projects. 

Front End Web Development

A great looking website only achieves results when it also provides an engaging, intuitive user experience. Front end web development considers how a visitor moves about and interacts with a site and builds elements, such as linked content, interactive forms, and visual cues, to streamline and enhance the experience. At Five Grey, our developers build code that functions flawlessly and allows users to explore your brand, content, and website.


  • Expert developers with a working knowledge of technical best practices
  • Concise, effective code that improves the user experience

Responsive Design

Ever tried to use a website on a smartphone or tablet that forces you to zoom in and scroll around just so you can read the content? This is a frustrating user experience that hinders the visitor from finding the information or content they seek. Responsive design solves for the UI and experience across all devices, from smartphones to desktops. At Five Grey, we go a step beyond responsive design and strive for a “mobile first” web design and experience. Mobile first designs acknowledge that more than half of website visitors often use a smartphone or tablet to access content and provides a UI that functions for those needs.

We design a site from the ground up to consider how a site may progressively enhance depending on the size of screen a site is being viewed on. Our layouts, imagery, and navigation adapt to provide high-quality, equivalent experiences for everyone from the on-the-go mobile visitor to the desktop browser.


  • Works on all devices regardless of screen size
  • Designed from a mobile first principle that supports industry trends and data
  • Progressive elements that scale to elevate the user experience

Open Source Development

Open source development creates software that is freely available to anyone who wants to use it. Nearly all the sites we build use open source Content Management Systems like WordPress and many more, which means that your website will use a powerful, flexible CMS that is easily updated and expanded to meet your needs. Open source CMS means that you don’t pay for any software licensing costs—instead you pay for our expert developers to configure and built the site to your exact specifications. At Five Grey, your website will have a CMS that presents content and options in an easy to use interface that allows you to update content and make changes real-time.


  • Cost effective with no purchase or annual licensing fees
  • Very flexible and customizable to flex with your business and marketing needs
  • Large open source development community that is continuously improving and innovating features and functions