Digital Marketing– retail website must have

When designing a retail website, Five Grey knows that the user interface (UI) and experience (UX) needs to support one goal: to allow customers to browse and purchase products. This objective drives our creative iterations and digital build. Let’s look at the key elements of a successful retail website:

Simple navigation

When a customer comes to a website, she wants to get right the products and start browsing. Five Grey chose to use single line navigation with drop down menus that link directly to the collections. This allows the customer to access the products they want in 1 click.

SALE section

Most customers come in with a purpose, such as buying a new necklace for an upcoming event. But, the word “SALE”, in a contrasting color can spark interest in two opportunities—finding that necklace at a reduced price or finding another item like earrings that compliments the targeted necklace. By putting the sale section in the navigation, customers can quickly see what items are available at a discounted price.

Eye-catching home page banners

The scrolling carousel of home page banners automatically cycles through Simply Be You’s top collections. The textural background images and editorial shots highlight the jewelry and click through to the specific collection. Customers are given more context on what SBY Bold looks like, for example, or who SBY Delight is a good fit for.

Shopping stages

Five Grey knows that no two shoppers are alike. Some can see one image and price and be ready to check out. Others like to peruse many options and can flip back and forth between several items before purchasing. Our shopping stages allow the “1 click customer” to see a thumbnail image on the collection’s main page and add the item to the cart. And, the “browser” can look at each item in detail by clicking through the collection page and take their time selecting their item. Five Grey also knows that individual product pages are helpful when linking through to the website via social media, a must have in the fashion industry. By landing the customer directly on the product that sparked their interest, Five Grey and Simply Be You simplify the shopping experience.

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